Sleep is so important and underrated, and it does wonders for you! Please don’t make staying up late a habit, even when there’s work you “have” to do. >n< Having enough sleep can make you more productive the next day.

So can’t wait for this flu to be gone. I just want to start lifting again!

No gym in two and a half weeks.

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New fitblr! I follow back fitblrs :)

betterthaniwasyesterday replied to your post: Someone help!

try taking emergen-C. You can get it at Walmart. Add it to water and drink it, it should boost your immune system.

You are a goddess. Thank you! I didn’t even consider getting something like that. Turns out I have the flu. Woop.

Every other fitblr and then me.

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Stawberry Eton Mess 
Someone help!

I’ve been sick for daaaaaaays. I haven’t been able to go to the gym because of my freaking sinuses. I finally seem to have beaten the nausea, but the back of my throat/sinuses hurts so bad! I’ve tried nasal spray, but no dice. I just want to be able to work out and not feel like death. 

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